Legiteem8 is a pionneering app for vintage t-shirt wearers and collectors. It offers free, community-based, legit and price check services along with premium certifications and appraisals by a team of the world's top experts. Legiteem8 is the World's First Authentication and Appraisal App for Vintage T-Shirts
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How does legiteem8 work?

Legiteem8 is the world’s first vintage t-shirt authentication app. But we’re also the first authentication app to harness the power of the community. If you’ve got a t-shirt you’d like to authenticate, simply download our app and register. Then upload the required photos and input the essential data and let the social element of Legiteem8 work its magic. Other vintage t-shirt aficionados will weigh in and vote on whether your item is genuine and our system will calculate a score based on community votes. Concurrently, users will also input their appraisals of your t-shirt to help attach an accurate value to it.

We also offer tiers of service beyond our free community listings. You can also have your item assessed by an expert who can issue a certificate of authenticity, and even a NFT-based version that will reside on the blockchain.

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